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Product Description

Manufacturing facility merchandise wholesale value belt pulley

Major Features:
one. OEM/ODM tooth number from 14 to seventy two timing pulley
2. Substance can be made by consumer prerequisite
3. Higher torque series  S2M S3M S5M S8M P2M P3M P5M P8M 
four. Typical torque collection MXL XL L H 
five. Large precision drive series  2GT 3GT 5GT 8YU
six. Mild load generate sequence T5 T10
seven. Heave load push collection AT5 AT10
8. Clamping Timing Pulleys S3M S5M S8M

Type Timing pulley adapt to 1/4 inch, 5/16 inch, 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch belt.
Specification Common or Customed
Material Stainless metal,Brass, Carbon steel, Aluminum, and so on.
Machining Process Equipment Hobbing, Gear Milling, Gear Shaping, Gear Broaching,Gear Shaving, Gear Grinding and Gear Lapping
Surface area Treatment Zn-plating, Ni-plating, Cr-plating, Tin-plating, Copper-plating, the wreath oxygen resin spraying, black oxide coating, painting, powdering, shade zinc-plated,blue black zinc-plated, silver plating,anodizing and so forth.
Creating Products CNC machine , computerized lathe device,stamping equipment,CNC milling machine,rolling machine, lasering, tag grinding device etc.
Administration Method ISO9001 – 2008
Tests Products Projecting apparatus, Salt Spray Check, Durometer, and CZPT thickness tester, 2nd projector


Applications Toy, Automotive, instrument, electrical equipment, house appliances, furniture, mechanical products,day-to-day residing gear, electronic sporting activities gear, , sanitation machinery, market/ resort gear materials, and so on.

Mounted or Class 1 pulleys have a mounted shaft. That is, the shaft is “set” or anchored in area. A fastened pulley is a force employed to change the direction of the rope (known as a belt simply because it helps make a single turn). Fastened pulleys have mechanical benefits of set pulleys. Active pulleys or 2-phase pulleys have cost-free shafts. That is, the axis can transfer “freely” in space. Moving pulleys are utilized to transform forces. Lively pulleys have the mechanical edge of two pulleys. That is, if one particular finish of the rope is stationary, pulling the other end of the rope will exert two times the power on the item hooked up to the pulley. A composite pulley block is a combination of a fixed pulley block and a movable pulley block. Blocks – Blocks are composite pulleys exactly where numerous pulleys are mounted on each and every axle, additional adding to the mechanical edge. Pulleys can alter the route of the force.
Idler: A driven wheel that does not transmit electrical power via a shaft. It spins freely, and most pushed pulleys are related to other gear, this kind of as wheels or drives, by way of driveshafts.

China Best Sales Factory Product Wholesale Price Belt Pulley     Great quality