China Best Sales Hangzhou TV Brand Tming V-Pulleys OEM

Merchandise Description

Maker of pulley
European normal and American normal
With substantial top quality and aggressive cost

Why Decide on Us?

one. HangZhou Eyesight Chain Transmisison Co Ltd. Is Uk- Investment Chain CZPT in HangZhou, China. Discovered in 2004. We have 1 Chain company and 1 Sprocket maker.
2. Competent Alloy steel chain place our Tv brand chain in the best high quality stage in China. We are honoured with ISO9001. ISO14001. CZPT Credit score certification.
three. We have been generating all types of standard chains and special chain: Driving Chain, Agriculture Chain, Conveyor Chain, Lengthy Pitch Conveyor Chain, Stainless Metal Chain, Hoisting Chain, Bike Chain, Dropped Forged Rivetless Chain and so on.

Timing belt pulley:

one, Designs: XL037, L050, L075, L100, H075, H100, H150, H200, H300, XH200, XH300, XH400HTD: 3M-09, 3M-fifteen, 5M-09, 5M-fifteen, 5M-25, 8M-20, 8M-30, 8M-fifty, 8M-85, 14M-40, 14M-55, 14M-85, 14M-a hundred and fifteen, 14M-170, T2.5, T5, T10, T20, AT2.5, AT5, AT10, AT20

two, Pilot bore, taper bore, QD bore

3, Substance: 1045 steel, aluminum and stainless metal

4, Surface end: Black oxidized phosphate, anodized, zinc-plated

five, Standard toothed bars are also accessible.

Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and interprets in accordance to the movement of the pulley or belt. This is generally utilised in blocking and tackle systems, which I will explain later.
We have a broad 1/2″ rope capability pulley for helpful redirection, mild rigging, rescue, and mechanical advantage systems. We have much more pulleys in the following backlinks numerous of them also make as great as the types under Tiny pulley.

China Best Sales Hangzhou TV Brand Tming V-Pulleys     OEM