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Item Description

Damp Drum Everlasting CZPT Separator CT sequence from YYDLS is traditional Unusual Earth Drum CZPT Separator, with extensive range of beneficiation capabilities for mineral slurry method.

Concentration applications
The CT series MS are for eliminating powerful magnetic substances, this kind of as magnetite, Ti Magnetite, franklinite, pyrrhotite, maghemite, and so forth. From 7 days magnetic metals and non-CZPT materials by wet focus.

Three types of separators
(according to the directions of rotating drum and pulp stream)
one. Counter Rotation (CTB) (Particle size: About 2mm)
2. Concurrent (CTS) (Particle size: 6~0mm, greater restoration of magnetic components)
three. Counter Current CTN) (Particle dimension: .6~0mm, larger grade of magnetic materials )

Functions and Benefits
– Optimized layout
– Reasonable magnetic method
– Sturdy magnetic coercive drive
– High-permanence uncommon earth magnet
– Safe and trustworthy

Technological Parameter:
CZPT Induction Intensity: 1200-6000 GS
Throughput(t/h): fifteen~one hundred forty
Drum Measurement(mm): φ 700×1200~φ 1200×3000
Motor power (kW): 2.2~four
Excess weight (kg): 1500~5700

* Totally free sample tests and customized products to your specific demands are obtainable.
* Electromagnetic separator with adjustable intensity (<6000 GS) for laboratory is available.

Model Drum diameter*length (mm) Gauss  Rotary frequence (r/min) Throughput of Pulp (t/h) Motor energy (Kw) weight (Kg)
CTS(N. B)-712 700x 1200 1200-6000 35 fifteen-thirty two.two 1500
CTS(N. B)-718 700x 1800 twenty-forty 3 2100
CTS(N. B)-918 900x 1800 25 twenty-forty five 3 2300
CTS(N. B)-924 900x 2400 35-fifty five four 2600
CTS(N. B)-1018 1000x 1800 20
forty five-sixty 4
CTS(N. B)-1571 1000x 2100 55-eighty 3800
CTS(N. B)-1571 1000x 2400 sixty-one hundred 4300
CTS(N. B)-1030 1000x 3000 80-one hundred twenty 4800
CTS(N. B)-1218 1200x 1800 sixty-75 4700
CTS(N. B)-1224 1200x 2400 70-one hundred ten 5200
CTS(N. B)-1230 1200x 3000 80-a hundred and forty 5700

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China OEM High Quality Permanent Magnetic Pulley Cts (N, B) -712     Best Sales