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Item Description

modest dry iron ore CZPT separator value CZPT drum pulley

Product Introduction:

The gear is a new type of successful and vitality-conserving mineral separator. Aside from the existing models,
we may possibly layout and CZPT diverse CZPT in10sity separators for different belt requirements as the buyers specifications. The goods are commonly used in metallurgy and other fields and satisfy massive, medium and small mines.
The products can be employed in different processing sections of separating after mineral pulverization and getting rid of
the impurities and recovering the geological quality, reducing energy use and improving processing capability.
The products can also be employed in quarrying to reclaim magnetite and therefore improve resource availability and to
reclaim ferrous from slangs and rubbish, and hence protect the atmosphere.


1.With handy installation, straightforward to sustain, trustworthy efficiency.

2.Continuous perform and straightforward procedure, it can meet the user’s need for potent CZPT field and

magnetic separation.

three.Optional CZPT force: 150mT~500mT or more.

4.Great amassing result for the iron ore buried deeply in the substance layer


Design Roller Diameter
Roller Lenght
Belt Width
Surface Magnetic
Induction In10sity(m/t) 
 Feed in Dimension
GTZ50/fifty five hundred 600 five hundred one hundred sixty-350 ≤50 fifty-80 .4
GTZ50/sixty five 500 750 650 a hundred and sixty-350 ≤50 60-110 .5
GTZ63/sixty five 630 750 650 a hundred and sixty-four hundred ≤150 70-120 .seven
GTZ63/80 632 950 800 a hundred and eighty-five hundred ≤150 a hundred-one hundred sixty .nine
GTZ80/eighty 800 950 800 180-five hundred ≤150 120-200 1.4
GTZ63/a hundred 630 1150 a thousand a hundred and eighty-500 ≤150 130-180 one.five
GTZ80/100 800 1150 1000 one hundred eighty-five hundred ≤150 one hundred fifty-260 one.nine
GTZ100/100 100 1150 one thousand a hundred and eighty-500 ≤250 a hundred and eighty-300 2.6
GTZ100/a hundred and twenty one hundred 1400 1200 one hundred eighty-five hundred ≤250 200-400
GTZ120/a hundred and forty one hundred twenty 1600 1400 one hundred eighty-five hundred ≤250 250-460 four.six


This machine is a new type of high efficient energy saving equipment. In addition to the existing products, but also can be designed according to user specific requirements made in different magnetic induction in10sity, magnetic separator is suitable for different specifications of the belt (magnetic pulley). 

Products are widely used in metallurgy and other industries, can meet the large, medium and small mines selected plant needs for magnetic separation plant crushed ore sections of pre operation, throw in addition to the interfusion of waste rock, restore geological grade, can save energy, improve plant processing capacity for stope, magnetic iron ore recovery from the waste, improve the utilizationof mineral resources for recovering iron from slag used for treating garbage sorting useful metal and improve the environment

It is employed to eradicate gangue from lump magnetite ore soon after crushing in order to improve the capability of concentrator ,or to get better magnetite ore from squander st1.

Operating basic principle:


Roller: A normal pulley has a slot for a belt, chain or cable. A reel is a broader pulley commonly used in cable techniques, allowing the cable to be wound all around numerous occasions the diameter of the reel.
Active Pulley: The “input” pulley in a twin-pulley system. The shaft of this pulley is pushed by anything like a motor, a crank, or probably yet another pulley in larger methods. This pulley controls the movement of the belt.

China supplier Small Dry Iron Ore CZPT Separator Price CZPT Drum Pulley     Hot selling