China wholesaler Iron Mining Magnetite Beneficiation Gangue Rejection Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnetic Pulley Great quality

Solution Description

Iron Mining Magnetite Beneficiation Xihu (West Lake) Dis.e Rejection Self-Cleansing Long term CZPT Pulley

Operating Basic principle
The head pulley magnet named as head pulley magnet or dry drum long lasting magnetic separator also, is a self cleaning magnet which gets rid of international tramp ferrous metals from bulk materials on a belt conveyor or different the non-magnetic supplies out of magnetic materials on a belt conveyor.  The magnetic discipline adheres magnetic supplies to the belt as all materials passes over the head pulley. The magnetic materials from the underflow can be safely and securely captured with each other.

Huge magnetic envelope angle design, magnetic envelope angle significantly less than 180 levels, increase the length of the separation spot and the variety of magnetic inversion, accomplish the powerful separation of magnetic materials and non (weak) magnetic components.
Neodymium-iron-boron magnets are used in all magnetic systems to make sure substantial magnetic area intensity and massive depth of action.
The demagnetization rate of magnetic subject intensity is much less than 5% after 8 years.
The magnetic technique is guarded by stainless steel plate to guarantee that the magnetic block does not fall off.
The shell of the pulley is produced of stainless metal and lined with wear-resistant rubber outside the house, which has a lengthy service life.
When it is used as the driving pulley of the belt conveyor, the duration of the conveyor must be less than one hundred meters.

It is employed for dry pre-focus of magnetite ores with dimension less than three hundred mm ahead of grinding. Generally it can reject some gangues to increase the iron grade prior to grinding.

Specialized Parameters
Tiny and Medium Dimension

Design Drum Dia.
Drum Len.
Belt Width
B of Drum Surface
Feed Measurement
CTDG-50/fifty five hundred 600 500 160-350 fifty-eighty <50
CTDG-50/sixty five five hundred 750 650 160-350 sixty-one hundred ten <50
CTDG-63/sixty five 630 750 650 one hundred sixty-four hundred 70-120 <50
CTDG-fifty/80 five hundred 950 800 160-four hundred 70-a hundred and fifty <50
CTDG-sixty three/eighty 630 950 800 a hundred and eighty-five hundred one hundred-160 <150
CTDG-80/80 800 950 800 a hundred and eighty-500 a hundred and twenty-200 <150
CTDG-63/one hundred 630 1150 one thousand 180-five hundred 130-a hundred and eighty <150
CTDG-80/one hundred 800 1150 a thousand one hundred eighty-five hundred a hundred and fifty-260 <150
CTDG-a hundred/a hundred 1000 1150 a thousand one hundred eighty-five hundred 180-300 <250

Large Dimensions

Design Drum Dia.
Drum Len.
Belt Width
B of Drum Floor
Feed Dimensions
CTDG-sixty three/one hundred twenty 630 1400 1200 a hundred and eighty-500 150-240 <150
CTDG-eighty/a hundred and twenty 800 1400 1200 180-five hundred a hundred and eighty-350 <150
CTDG-a hundred/one hundred twenty one thousand 1400 1200 180-500 two hundred-four hundred <250
CTDG-one hundred twenty/120 1200 1400 1200 a hundred and eighty-500 220-450 <250
CTDG-eighty/a hundred and forty 800 1600 1400 180-500 240-400 <250
CTDG-100/140 a thousand 1600 1400 one hundred eighty-five hundred 260-450 <250
CTDG-a hundred and twenty/a hundred and forty 1200 1600 1400 one hundred eighty-500 280-500 <300
CTDG-140/one hundred forty 1400 1600 1400 a hundred and eighty-500 300-550 <300

1. What is the principal business scope of your business?
HZE is a business with R&D center, design and style institute, production factories, set up and commissioning groups. Our clients are in the mining and mineral processing fields. Our major firms incorporate mineral processing EPC (engineering, procurement and design), undertaking consultation, engineering layout, mineral processing equipment production, on-web site set up, commissioning, employees instruction, buyer task operation administration, spare areas supply and specialized assistance. Consumers are cost-free to decide on any 1 or any combination of our providers.

2. What are the fantastic rewards of your business?

The a single-end services of mineral processing engineering undertaking and products is our main competitiveness.
The most critical characteristic that HZE distinguishes itself from other engineering businesses, design and style firms or consulting companies is that we are also an gear maker with a generation plant of 50,000 sq. meters, and we have full production rout and the associated equipment.
HZE distinguishes alone from other products companies by proudly owning its own R&D centre and engineering design institute.
HZE distinguishes itself from numerous mining machinery enterprises by possessing an expert group with members such as not only senior engineers of the organization, but also prime Chinese complex professionals, university professors and scientists.

3. What are the traits of your company’s 3D layout?

HZE not only utilizes 3D software to design products, but also uses 3D computer software to layout process movement, pipeline, steel structure, auxiliary services, etc. of the entire mineral processing project. We even use 3D design and style for products packaging, container packing and products guidelines guide. This tremendously increases the good quality of tools and engineering, shortens the design period of time, facilitates specialized discussion and evaluation, facilitates task management, increases building basic safety and lowers task price.

four.  What are the support attributes of your organization?

  1. Buyers who no matter whether acquire our tools, or entrust us with EPC, or require us to provide a specific services, cooperate carefully with us to have out specific functions and supervise our implementation all through the method.
  2. HZE will try out to realize the basic circumstance and wants of customers as comprehensive as feasible prior to the sale, formulate a preliminary prepare in accordance to the specific scenario of customers, and get unanimous thoughts after communications and discussions with customers to decide the plan.
  3. We established up client files for every single client who signed the agreement with us and add them to the Cloud exactly where buyers can also get an account and password. Clients can have all the paperwork, movies and photos, technological innovation, solutions, execution, procedure, management and management, routine maintenance and so on relevant to the organization.
  4. No matter whether it is in the procedure of basic contracting, products manufacturing or providing some variety of provider, we welcome consumers to know about our implementation on the location or via the community, and set forward specifications and views.
  5. We assist consumers who have used our merchandise to formulate operation requirements and make recommendations on upkeep strategies and spare components inventories. In addition to schedule on-site installation, commissioning and instruction, for the duration of the manufacturing interval right after we handing more than tools to clients for use, we often realize the gear utilizing conditions through the network and supply direction and training to customer management and operators.
  6. For the customers who have just commence the mining company, we provide the chance of coaching and exercise in China’s mines for the clients’ workers, until finally they are competent in procedure and servicing.


Fastened pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at 1 stage. Even though the pressure necessary to raise or transfer an item is no various than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys allow you to change the course of the essential pressure. For case in point, when attached to a bucket that attracts water from a properly, a stationary h2o puller enables you to pull the water sideways, lifting the bucket in a more convenient way than pulling it vertically, one particular hand at a time. The weight of the bucket is even now the exact same, but it is easier to elevate.

China wholesaler Iron Mining Magnetite Beneficiation Gangue Rejection Self-Cleaning Permanent Magnetic Pulley     Great quality